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Working in Brentwood again

8 March 2010

England-Brentwood-Food - Working in Brentwood again

Start of another working week, today I had to head back out to Brentwood. This meant catching the tube to Liverpool street then changing to the Ea....


3 March 2010

England-Brentwood-Forest - Brentwood

Today I went to Brentwood for work, I went here last time as well, its about an hours drive from Hatfield and is a similar type of place but less ....

Went to Brentwood for Work

7 September 2009

England-Brentwood-High Street - Went to Brentwood for Work

I had to head out to the IT headquarters located at a commuter train in Brentwood. Now I assumed that it being 40 miles or so out of the city that....

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