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Barbecue zoo

16 March 2015

Korea-Busan-Department Store-Barbecue - Barbecue zoo

Department store roof top zoo

My legs are stuffed from todays hike, they feel fantastic, going up stairs 2 at a time I can just get to the top of the subway exit before total m....

Barbecue night

2 April 2013

China-Chengdu-Mall-Barbecue - Barbecue night

I like Chengdu. Its very relaxing to walk around. A couple of things I forgot from earlier. When checking into a Chinese hotel they always copy th....

Still walking

11 September 2012

China-Shanghai-Barbecue - Still walking

Last night in Shanghai, this time tomorrow I will be on the plane. So what to do except go on a giant walk? I discovered that Chongning road wich ....

Its raining but thats OK

9 September 2012

China-Shanghai-Market-Barbecue - Its raining but thats OK

After the storm it got amazingly clear. Which meant on the horizon of Xizang South Road I could see buildings I didnt know were there. This is as ....

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