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Airbus A330
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Magpie attack!

16 October 2016

Melbourne-Brisbane-Airbus A330 - Magpie attack!

Transiting from domestic to international terminals at Brisbane airport

After a sleepless night concerned about my sleepless night, it was time to get up at 4am and get going. Japan yet again, so unoriginal, I should p....


26 November 2015

Brisbane-Airport-Qantas-Airbus A330 - Bored

From Narita to Brisbane on Qantas

Now I am in Brisbane airport for 5 hours before a 2.5 hour flight home. So nearly as long as the flight from Tokyo to Brisbane all over again, how....

Shanghai arrival

1 November 2011

China-Shanghai-Airbus A330-Pudong-Qantas - Shanghai arrival

OK I made it. Flight time was 10 hours and 10 minutes, add that onto the 2 hours for Adelaide to Sydney and at least an hours taxiing time particu....

Hong Kong Airport

7 September 2011

Hong Kong-Airport-Lounge-Airbus A330 - Hong Kong Airport

Today is a day full of travel. Most people dread the thought but I love it. I wake up early, excited, cause I am going to the airport. At the 'in ....

Brisbane Airport

3 September 2011

Brisbane-Airport-Lounge-Airbus A330 - Brisbane Airport

Brisbane airport is like the other crap setups around Australia, in that the domestic terminal is a drive away from the international terminal. On....

Adelaide to Melbourne

25 March 2011

Adelaide-Airport-Cathay Pacific-Airbus A330 - Adelaide to Melbourne

Do you like photos of food? Do you like photos of planes? Do you like photos of food on a plane? If no then piss off because this will be boring a....

Sydney to Tokyo on an A330

2 May 2010

Sydney-Tokyo-Narita-Airbus A330-Qantas - Sydney to Tokyo on an A330

The flight was uneventful, flying time just on 9:30 according to the pilot. I have included the required pictures of the food and the plane below.....

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