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India Chennai Hotel

9 December 2005

And still I work

Not too much to report today, a full day of work. I am however feeling a bit naseous and dizzy, I suspect this is a result of ghee overload from the Masala Dosa of the day before.
I decide to take it easy and eat mainly plain bread products today.

The car today is an indian made care, a Tata Indica, it is a small car with the coldest air conditioning I have ever experienced, even in the back, I wonder why these are not exported to Australia, as they are right hand drive, seem to be of a high quality and would probably be quite cheap.
The poor driver has his entire area, seat, foot well, steering wheel, coated in plastic - why should the driver have any level of comfort? Additionally, the steering wheel has what I thought were large buttons for controlling the car stereo (which incidentally looks like a high quality JVC MP3 CD player), but no, this is to control the horns and lights, the car has strobe lights on the front, thats one button, theres also another button that temporarily engages high beam, then theres 2 additional horns, one high pitched like a whistle, and one with two tones high and low which alternate really quickly. All of these items are to frighten bikes and auto rickshaws out of the way - indeed many trucks and auto rickshaws say on the back of them 'sound horn to pass'.

Tomorrow is Saturday, and I have a full day of adventures planned - but it is now raining, so we have backup plans as well.
I thought a days update without a single picture was a bit bland, so below is the best I could manage - tonights movie is 'The whole 10 yards', a sequel I havent seen the original of.

India-Chennai-Hotel - View of the hotel lobby and lifts from just outside my room - quite nice, all marble.

View of the hotel lobby and lifts from just outside my room - quite nice, all marble.

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