Hepburn Springs - Page 1

26 January 2019

Hepburn Springs

I went to Hepburn Springs near Daylesford in Victoria for the Australia day weekend in 2019.

This will be a mix of some ok shots, some bad, some in weird light, some over saturated, all taken with my Sony a7ii with the native 28mm lense attached.
Here is the main street of Daylesford, famous for its spas and beauty resorts, just what I need.

This turned out ot be one of the better shots of the 3 day trip. I paid more attention the histogram than previously, hence, nice sky only slightly blown out. The actual building here is the visitor information centre.

Town Hall, flags. Flags relevant as it was Australia day.

There is a lot of forest surrounding both Hepburn Springs and Daylesford, and a goldfields track joining them, and also a Wombat National Park the locals were for some reason protesting against.

Morning of day 2 and I was up at dawn to go check out the actual hot springs.

A bridge provided a bit of a view of trees.

I might be oversharpening, I kind of like oversharpened.

The actual hot springs are run down and semi abandoned. See that tap? That is apparently the source of all things Hepburn Springs.

A bit later and I was on the goldfields trail hike, or possibly the dry diggings trail. There was an observatory tower.

The view from the tower was nothing too special.

Here is a bit more of the view.

The terrain was a bit unusual, dry, burnt at some point, but also evidence of fast flowing water. Big ravines with very green snake infested weeds at the bottom.

Later in the day we drove to Creswick, then Clunes. Both towns were a little disappointing. This is in Clunes, famous for its bookstores.

Main street of Clunes, lots of people.

Quite by chance, I decided to drive a different way back to Hepburn Springs, and ended up in Newstead which had a 4 day country music festival, with Ethiopian vegan food.

A racing panel van.

Despite my photos not showing it, the Newstead music festival was very well attended, there were 10 or so locations in the small town with different little spots to sit and watch dueling banjos.

Last morning before driving back to Melbourne and I found the Hepburn Springs natural bath area.... abandoned.

Another shot of the scary bath area. They have constructed a child proof fence to stop kids drowning, but all the child proof gates were propped wide open. Tricky light.

Just to make it a bit scarier, I was on a sacred aboriginal burial ground. Crap photo, bad light.

I headed off in search of the dream time.

One last shot of the trees.

This is the store where each morning I enjoyed a coffee and a muffin.

And this is our accommodation. It was ok. You get a lot of room for your money, but it is in an average location, the bedding was made out of plastic, and the rooms were quite dirty. Strangely they filled the fridges and pantries with various supplies, but no milk.

After checking out it was time to head to the nearby Daylesford botanic gardens. I seem to gravitate to botanic gardens. Nice sharpness here.

Here is a pathetic ancient cannon.

There is another observation tower to climb up, as you shall see, a more impressive tower, but the view is average. I suspect this used to be an actual pool, but now its covered and is the towns water supply.

A bit more view from the botanic gardens.

And here is the tower. I was surprised you can climb up it, very tight and dark staircase.

The gardens are nice, lots of nice areas to walk around and chase butterflies.

Last shot of the view.

Near the gardens is a convent. Except now its a wedding hall and cafe and art gallery. Except now it seems to be closed down? Very strange.
Hepburn Springs and Daylesford was in a word, underwhelming.