Buchan Caves and a railway bridge and Lonesome bay - Page 1

24 December 2018

Buchan caves and more

Lots of attractions today including way too many cave photos which will generally not have much description. After the cave I went to see a historic railway bridge and then drove along a treacherous dirt track to lonesome bay, where a Pelican evaded my camera every time I got near.
Today I used my actual Sony lense, a 28mm F/2.

The park area where the caves are located is very picturesque, nice trees, nice sky.

Before entering cave 1 of 2, I took a walk into the bush to take photos of these fluffy trees.

A bit more bush.

Now its time to go into the first cave, the Royal cave. The path was narrow and you had to duck right down a lot. It was generally longer and more claustrophobic than I expected it to be. This one has a reflective pool.

Not sure where the focus is here. Generally I didnt have much issue with focus.

Somre more reflective pool and the stalag / stalig tites mites bites whatever.

This is one of the only times I bothered to upload a HDR thingy, even though I made a few in lightroom. Notice how purple it is compared to the previous photo? It is also a massive file size and makes lightroom slow.

More of the Royal cave.


Super calcified.

Super super calcified. Alarmingly, the air in the cave was so moist it made my camera malfunction. Despite having the cover on the hot shoe attachment I got a warning that an unauthorized accessory was mounted to it. I googled this once I got out and its a common issue if moisture gets into the contacts on the hot shoe.

I like this shot, very 3d.

Here are some of the stairs. Both caves had quite a lot of stairs. The tour groups were small, especially once we went to the second cave.

The holes down were very deep. There is another cave under here called the federal cave, but you need to be a proper caver to do that one, I think there is water involved.

I wasnt really sure how bright to make many of the shots.

This one probably reflects the actual brightness more.

It was surprising how your head gets so close to the formations. Some had been snapped off in accidents according to the guide.

The LED lighting also makes photos hard to get with nice colors. I hate all LED lights.

For obvious reasons, this is called bacon.

I like this one. It looks like coral under the sea.

Focus not great.

Apparently, people think this is the magic faraway tree, whatever that is.

This is a close up of some calcification. Again it looks like coral. But actually, it might be? This used to be ocean, like much of Australia.

Nice formations, ugly fence.

This is inside the second cave now, actually I think the last few shots were, the fairy cave. Here is some of the infrastructure.

Cool shot.

Less cool.

Cave fatigue has set in well and truly.

And obviously, here is the railway trestle. I liked it, but it was hot.

You cannot walk all the way over the top as it is falling down. Trains ran over it until the 1980's when it was damaged in a bushfire.

Some trestles. I tried to make them symmetrical.

Time to walk along the bottom and up the other side while looking out for snakes.

This is a HDR of the trestles. I think I should be using HDR where there is bright light, rather than when its dark. I dont know, clearly I have no idea. It kind of works.

More of the trestle.

Here is some more of the fluffy bushes with fresh flowers. It rained a lot last week.

View from the top.

2nd to last of the trestle.

I obviously over trestled.

After a drive down a rough dirt track in a Suzuki Kizashi, I arrived at Lonesome bay, and it was very lonesome indeed.

The grass looking stuff is a sea of native flowers with thousands of bees!

There was strange algae and a Pelican floating in the distance. As I got closer to the Pelican he would swim off around the corner out of view.

Here is a shot facing back where I had came from. Different light obviously. Probably better light actually. This place would look great just before sunset rather than at noon.

And my final photo, radioactive slime.