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England London Harrods Cars

13 September 2009


This morning was the first visit in my life to a laundromat. All the machines ate my money, but the place had an attendant who sorted it out. He also promised to guard my clothes so I didnt have to sit in front of washing machines and dryers for hours.
Eventually it was done and I headed off to Harrods.
There were lots of cars parked around it, I was there before it opened so had nothing to do but sneak shots of the cars, some of the nicer ones I didnt take photos of because angry looking arabs were guarding them or in them.
Harrods itself was ok, mainly perfume and watches, the food halls were pretty good though.

England-London-Harrods-Cars - The laundromat.

The laundromat.

England-London-Harrods-Cars - Ferrari.


England-London-Harrods-Cars - Cheap Ferrari.

Cheap Ferrari.

England-London-Harrods-Cars - 4 door maserati quattroporte.

4 door maserati quattroporte.

England-London-Harrods-Cars - The new jag.

The new jag.

England-London-Harrods-Cars - Bentley.


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